12 Celebrities With A Surprisingly Large Number Of Twitter Followers

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More and more celebrities are joining Twitter each and every day to do everything from share what they ate for breakfast to promote their new projects to tweet and quickly delete a controversial statement that everyone will talk about nonstop for days. I tend to be pretty picky with the celebrities I follow on Twitter. Even though I definitely follow a lot of them, there's a bit of a screening process involved. Just because I like someone's work or find them amusing in interviews doesn't mean I want to read their thoughts multiple times a day.

That's why it always surprises me that certain celebrities have such large Twitter followings. Obviously it makes sense to me that stars like Justin Bieber and Katy Perry have an enormous amount of followers (some of which may or may not be fake), because they're huge stars with largely young fan bases. But there are celebs who pass the one million mark and the five million mark and then the ten million mark who make me think, “Really? Them? That many people want to follow them?” So I looked through the top Twitter users and chose twelve celebrities whose large Twitter following confuses me. The numbers are based on how many were following them at my time of writing.

1. Bob Saget (2,034,943)

Bob Saget(Photo: FayesVision/WENN.com)

More than 2 million people follow the dad from Full House on Twitter? I realize that there's some nostalgia involved, and Bob has a career as a comedian outside of that show, but I thought he was just one of those guys your weird uncle thought was funny. Are there 2 million weird uncles on Twitter?

Sample Tweet:

2. Taraji P. Henson (2,235,396)

Taraj P Henson(Photo: Thomas Janssen, Pacificcoastnews.com)

Taraji seems like a lovely lady and a great actress, but I'm surprised she has such a large fan base. Maybe it's just my own ignorance influencing me. She seems to tweet a lot about her show Person of Interest, which gets pretty good ratings and might explain the following.

Sample Tweet:

3. Denise Richards (2,529,407) Denise Richards

(Photo: Josiah True/WENN.com)

Uhh, what? Denise is more well known these days for her conflicts with ex-husband Charlie Sheen than for her career, although she is starring on that new ABC Family show Twisted. I didn't realize that many people were interested in her thoughts. Learn something new every day.

Sample Tweet:

4. Demi Moore (5,416,400) Demi Moore

(Photo: Adriana M. Barraza/WENN.com)

This one I really do not understand. She's not exactly hip with the young folks, especially now that she's not with Ashton Kutcher anymore. Plus, her account is practically dormant. She hasn't tweeted since February and the last tweet before that was from 2012. I guess people just don't feel like unfollowing, although I can't believe they followed in the first place.

Sample Tweet:

5. Queen Latifah (5,842,112) Queen Latifah

(Photo: PNP/WENN.com)

I really like Queen Latifah, and I admittedly follow her, but for some reason it surprises me that she has over 5 million followers. She mostly tweets promotional stuff, but I guess we just all love her so much that we want to keep following. Nothing to complain about.

Sample Tweet:

6. Eva Longoria (6,678,575) Eva Longoria

(Photo: WMTV, PacificCoastNews.com)

I just… what? Desperate Housewives has been off the air for a while now, and Eva hasn't done a whole lot of high profile stuff since then, besides hosting gigs and smaller projects. But based on the tweet below, she's got a lot of overzealous fans. Who knew?

Sample Tweet:

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