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Tue Nov 9, 2010
EXCLUSIVE! Play the Temper Trap Interactive Game!

Ok, so this isn't exactly a Temper Trap celeb blog, but it is just as cool. The cool guys of Temper Trap (they're cool, we swear. Just read here for proof)gave Alloy readers this EXCLUSIVE game where fans of Temper Trap and, well, everyone else, can put their own twist on the super popular and super addictive song, "Sweet Disposition!"

So, how does it work?

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Fri Oct 15, 2010
All the Way USA
Temper Trap

Hey guys!

We've been in the US for a little over three weeks now and we've been up to a lot since we arrived in this mighty country. After the Monclair show that we told you about last time, we arrived in NYC to play our biggest North American show to date. We also went to Toronto, Montreal and Columbus, Ohio which is an awesome college town. We were supposed to go to Detroit, except...

Uh oh, what happened? Get deets on the guys tour and the hilarious things that ensued!

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Tue Oct 5, 2010
Temper Trap Hits the Northeast -- and Jimmy Fallon!
Temper Trap
Hey, Alloy!

We're back in the US, and it's nice to be back state-side for what is going to be our last major tour for the year. We've been traveling from Baltimore to Philly, to NYC for two crazy days of promo. The first stop was Jimmy Fallon, where we performed our song "Fader". This was very exciting, because...

Whoa! Jimmy Fallon! Find Out Why the guys were thrilled to perform on his show!

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Thu Sep 16, 2010
Electric Rain
Temper Trap
Hey, Alloy!

Ok, so a lot has happened in The Temper Trap camp since we last wrote. As we told you guys last week, we were in the studio, writing some tunes to get back in the swing of it and let out some much needed creative tension. We have written a new intro to our set and a couple of new songs, which we will be playing during our next US run. Can't wait for you all to hear 'em.

We've also been playing some gigs around Europe with tons of other bands. But the highlight of the trip was hanging out and playing with...

Which band did The Temper Trap rock out with? Read on and find out

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Thu Aug 26, 2010
On The Road with Temper Trap!
Temper Trap
Hey, Alloy!

The last two weeks have been pretty crazy -- we've been travelling down through middle America to Denver and Salt Lake city, traverse back to Seattle, and then down the coast to San Francisco to play at a musical festival called Outside Lands with the likes of the Reverend Al Green, Pheonix and the Kings of Leon.

It's been amazing so far, but one of the highlights of the trip definitely was...

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Thu Aug 12, 2010
Loving Life at Lollapalooza
Temper Trap

Hi everybody!

We're the Temper Trap and welcome to our first US Fall tour blog. Over the coming weeks we will fill you in on all the exciting and non-exciting things that we get up to on tour.

So this week saw us arrive from New Zealand to America to join in the fun of Lollapalooza. We arrived in Chicago on Thursday to play a warm up show for Pure Volume at Angels and Kings. It was a small party with only about 70 people. The whole gig had a very familiar feel to it. It reminded me of the days when we started in Melbourne, Australia. Very small stage -- all cramped with little room to move. At one point during the gig I felt like I was in a Temper Trap cover band.

That night we drove out to Cleveland to...

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