Celeb Tweetup: The Rich and the Condescending

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Stars: They are just like us! Well, the ones of us that don't pay attention to what anyone else is saying, lazily crib our friend's ideas, and brag endlessly about our vacations. Which honestly, does describe most of us, so lets give these guys some slack, okay? (Btw if anyone else is in the Hamptons/St. Barts/Barcelona this weekend holla at us we'll be there just straight chillin xoxoxoxoxox)

Well, see, this is just lazy Wilmer Valderrama (@WillyVille). You can't just tack yourself on to someone else's Follow Friday (Ricky Martin‘s no less!) and then front about it in Spanish.

Paris Hilton (@ParisHilton) is on vacation, which is hard to differentiate from her normal life, we know.

Then again, some people really don't understand the concept of “vacation” because they've taken one from reality for so long. Courtney Love (@CourtneyLoveUK).

Is it called “Being famous?” Good job with that, Audrina Patridge (@OfficialAudrina).