Celeb Tweetup: Sweeter Than Candy

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Most of today's celebrity tweets were either congratulating other famous people on their Emmy nods, or talking nonsense. Guess which ones we chose to highlight? Hell yeah: Which hip-hop artist has a broken windshield, and which one has broken teeth? What two random stars have almost identical Twitter icons? And why does Kat Dennings hate nickels so much?

Ha…ha? (Always laugh with Lil Jon (@liljon) and pretend it's normal).

Someone should tell Shakira (@shakira) and Kristin Cavallari (@KristinCav) not to tweet next to each other if they're going to use the same pic.

How can you have so much money and so many cavities, Diddy (@iamdiddy)?

Haha, true story Kat Dennings (@officialKat).