Celeb Tweetup: Give Us Your LOLZ

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You know, you don't have to be a professional comedian to be funny, but it's way more likely than if you're another kind of celebrity. Most of the time though, people read blogs to laugh at them, not with them, which is sad for them. And then we feel bad. (Frownie-face.) That's why today we tried to mix it up between the two: Actually funny Tweets and those that are just so clueless that we can't help but giggle.

Sure, the reference is a couple years too late, but we still think Maroon 5's Adam Levine (@adamlevine) is at least John Mayer-levels of funny.

We know it gets old that Snooki (@Sn00ki) is on the lineup almost every day, but we'd stop using her if she'd stop saying such awesome things.

Speaking of Real Housewives…if Jill Zarin (@jillzarin) can't carry the fire to the water by herself, she'll never make it in the Cormac McCarthy novel that is her life.

Funniest Tweet of the Day award though goes to Malese Jow (@xoMalese) of The Vampire Diaries.