Celeb Tweetup: Better Things To Do Than Tweet

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Sometimes we just want the facts. Hey, Tweets are kept to 140 characters for a reason — mostly, our short attention spans. So whether it's a purity ring-free Joe Jonas (@JoeJonas) tell us the temperature or Joan Rivers (@Joan_Rivers) making fun of The Situation, it seems like today celebrities had better things to do than update their Twitter. Or, maybe that's what Twitter should be used for everyday.

Mario Lopez (@MarioLopezExtra) wants you to know all the things he's been doing besides Tweeting:

mario tweet

Joan Rivers uses her Twitter to bash our favorite Jersey Shore guido The Situation:

joan tweet

And Joe Jonas just lets us know it's hot — where ever he is off being fabulous:

Joe tweet

But, not surprisingly, Kim Kardashian (@KimKardashian) still finds time to Tweet with wet nails, while trying to hail a cab and walking around New York in paper nail salon flip flops:

kim tweet