Let’s Discuss Cee Lo’s Ridiculous Wig On The Voice Last Night

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It's official. The Voice is my new favorite show to watch for its sheer ridiculousness factor. Last week I reveled in the hot mess that is Christina Aguilera and this I'm reveling in the hot mess that is Cee Lo's wig. Yes, it's a full on revel-fest on Crushable this morning.

Last night I turned on the show for a little background music while I Facebook stalked a recently engaged frenemy from nursery school. But within minutes I turned my computer off to stare at what was unfolding on the screen. Cee Lo Green (or Uncle Lo as the recently booted contestant Joey calls him) and his team performed a rendition of “Dancing in the Street” while wearing '60s go-go outfits.

Although they all performed well, Cee Lo stole the spotlight with his shag wig and white sunglasses. And he knew it. No one could look away from the little man as he brushed his fake hair out of his fake eyes.

It's not often that TV gets my full attention, but this one performance certainly did. Maybe if more TV personalities and actors threw on a  totally random wig once in a while, I would watch them just as intently.

(Photos: NBC/HaveUHeard)