Cee Lo Green Accused Of Sexual Battery, Dosing Alleged Victim With Ecstasy

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The other day, when I read that The Voice judge and all around talented dude Cee Lo Green had been accused of sexual battery, I was upset. Did Cee Lo have a dark side that we don't know about? Would I ever again be able to enjoy the soulful strains of “Fuck You” without thinking “fuck you, Cee Lo”?

Answer: we're not sure yet. A few more details have emerged in the case, and they're equal parts troubling and confusing. According to TMZ, the woman claims she went out to dinner with Cee Lo in July, but blacked out at some point. She woke up naked on a bed in a hotel room. She then went to the police and filed a report. And then there's the weird part about ecstasy.

Via TMZ:

She also claims she has a tape of Cee Lo on the phone apologizing and mentioning the drug MDMA (the ecstatic part of ecstasy), although he doesn't admit to putting it in her drink:

Sources involved in the case represent to TMZ … Cee Lo is on tape, repeatedly apologizing and referencing MDMA (Ecstasy) — though he does not specifically say he put it in her drink. Sources say Cee Lo told her he thought the drug would help them have an exciting time together. For the record, MDMA generally does not render people unconscious.

Sources connected with Cee Lo scoff at the claim, saying if the tape contained such admissions Cee Lo would already be under arrest.

The ecstasy part seems weird, as MDMA is not known to cause either passing out (loss of consciousness) or blackouts (loss of memory). If anything, it makes it fucking impossible to sleep. But this accusation is still troubling.

There are also conflicting reports about when the alleged victim went to the cops, and whether she attempted to file a civil suit before the criminal one:

Sources connected to Cee Lo tell us … the accuser went to a civil lawyer BEFORE going to police and demanded money from the singer to make the whole thing go away. Other sources tell us a different story — that her lawyer called Cee Lo's manager to find out if the singer had any communicable diseases and never made any money demands.

Our Cee Lo sources say the manager shut the lawyer down and that's when she went to cops.  Other sources say she called the cops BEFORE her lawyer called Cee Lo's manager.

So basically, we don't know. That said, if it turns out to be true, it's going to break a lot of people's hearts. (Mine included.)

(Via TMZ)

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