It’s Starting To Seem Like Catherine Zeta-Jones And Michael Douglas Aren’t Together Anymore

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New York Premiere of 'Side Effects'Get ready for a post filled to the very brim with the words ‘allegedly', ‘supposedly', and ‘hippopotamus', because I have absolutely no basis for the following assumption besides my own razor-sharp intellect and feminine intuition. But that said…does it seem to anybody else like Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas might not be together anymore? Allegedly? The couple met in March of 1999 and have been married since December of 2000. They have two kids together, Dylan and Carys, and are exactly twenty-five years apart in age, sharing September 25th as a birthday. But for the first time ever, an enormous age difference might not be enough to keep a couple together forever, even under the harsh glare of Hollywood's scrutiny, which is so famously beneficial to marriage.

The most recent indication to me that things might not be so sunny in paradise was a post from Radar Online saying that although Michael will not be attending this year's Academy Awards, his dutiful wife Catherine will be going without him and leaving him home to supervise the children. Supposedly.

“Catherine is attending the Academy Awards with a family member, as Michael just doesn’t feel like going. Michael will stay at home with son Dylan and daughter Carys, while Catherine will attend the ceremony and the after parties with her pal. He has been very busy of late, promoting his forthcoming biopic Liberace, as well as ringing the closing bell at the New York Stock Exchange. But Catherine looks forward to the Oscars every year. She loves the glitz and glamor of the event and wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

Interesting. If only there nannies or something available in New York City where these two lived who would be willing to work on Oscar night so these lovebirds could go to the Academy Awards together. You know what? I'll even volunteer myself. I'm already familiar with Catherine from all the times she came into the restaurant where I used to work and tipped 8-10%. So if you really can't find a babysitter, I'd love to come over and teach your kids the math skills that you so clearly lack.

But anyway, back to the divorce rumors. There have been blind items for a while now suggesting that these two aren't together anymore but that they're not ready to announce it publicly. From the Golden Globes earlier this year:

“This celebrity showed up without their Significant Other at the Golden Globes last night. When people inquired as to their absence, the celeb said that the SO was sick at home… and then quickly changed the subject.

Maybe the SO was ill… and maybe not. The buzz at an after-party was that the two have actually separated but just aren’t ready to make an announcement yet.”

And from last year's Oscars:

“Which Hollywood couple of nearly 10 years are headed for Splitsville? Hint: He arrived at the Oscars alone, while she stayed home with their two kids.”

I mean that's just logic. He got to go last year, so she gets to go this year. And again, in both cases there's absolutely no confirmation that the blind items are about Michael and Catherine, but I'm a journalist, guys, and I just have a hunch. Hippopotamus.

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