Props To Catherine Zeta-Jones For Getting Treatment For Bipolar Disorder

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Catherine Zeta-Jones attending New York premiere of Side Effects January 2013I'll be the first to admit that I'm not always the biggest fan of Catherine Zeta-Jones, you guys. She did me pretty dirty at my old restaurant tip-wise, and I'm just the kind of ex-server / blogger who holds a grudge. But I'm also the kind of ex-server / blogger who's open-minded to people who make positive, admirable choices in their personal lives, which is why I'm not hesitating to give Catherine serious props for voluntarily entering a mental health facility to proactively treat her bipolar disorder. She entered a thirty-day program yesterday, which she's expected to complete, because, as her publicist said in an emailed statement, Catherine “is committed to periodic care in order to manage her health in an optimum manner.”

Yeah, for sure. I can totally get behind that, and I respect the shit out of Catherine for knowing herself well enough and trusting her own judgement enough to make that call. Look at all the celebrities — and normal people too, honestly — who wait until something goes wrong to address it. Look at Lindsay Lohan! Even the courts can't get her to nail down which rehab facility she's planning on attending, and she needs to be there¬†ON THURSDAY. Also this is after they delayed her sentence FOR COACHELLA. So. Just some all caps statements for you, to put things in perspective and prove that CZJ massively has her shit together.

This isn't even the first time that Catherine has done a little preemptive strike on her own mental health, either. Two years ago, she checked into a similar facility for treatment of the same condition, known as Bipolar II, characterized by ‘mood swings and depressive episodes, and is commonly treated with medication and psychotherapy.' Yeah man, I really have to hand it to you, I'm impressed. Because it's hard out there for a peeyump! You've got people like me perched in front of their computer monitors sniping at everything you do, coupled with an intense pressure from Hollywood to be perfect in every way. I imagine it takes a huge amount of bravery to publicly open yourself up to criticism by acknowledging a mental health issue and your commitment to addressing it in a healthy matter. So I salute you, Catherine Zeta. I salute you.

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