In Ironic News, Teen Mom’s Catelynn Lowell Had To Give Her Baby Carly Up For Adoption But Now Might Adopt Her Younger Brother

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Catelynn Lowell adopt brother Nick April Carly Tyler Baltierra ironic Teen MomOut of all the Teen Mom girls I've had the displeasure of getting to know while recapping season 4, Catelynn Lowell is the one who gets most of my respect. When she got knocked up at the age of 16, she and now-fiance Tyler Baltierra didn't suddenly turn stupid like the rest of these kids and think that they could raise the child on their own; instead, they gave up baby Carly for adoption. Of course, it makes my skin crawl a bit to think that the only reason Catelynn is still on the show isn't because of her choice, but because MTV knows they can make ratings gold off a) her and Tyler's unresolved angst over Carly, and b) his jailbird stepfather Butch‘s abusive relationship with her mother April.

This latest story about Catelynn fits somewhere in that “good for her!”/”poor thing” dichotomy: She tells RadarOnline that she's worried about her little brother Nick‘s well-being now that mom April is getting back into destructive habits. This season, we saw recovering addict April decide to have a few drinks with Butch when he got out of jail, which led to him putting her head through the bathroom wall. And when the cameras weren't rolling, April's behavior was even more despicable: She fed a story to InTouch a few months ago about Catelynn being pregnant again, and even impersonated Catelynn on the phone to corroborate the story with the reporter.

So, it makes sense that Catelynn would be talking freely about taking care of Nick, and maybe even legally taking him away from April. “If my mom derails again, I will step in and adopt my brother,” she said. “I know that my mom loves her children, but when it comes to addict parents, sometimes they love their drug or their alcohol more than they love their children.” This would be incredibly ironic, since she and Tyler had the wherewithal to realize that they were unfit parents for Carly back when they were still both in high school. If Catelynn had to go so far as to bring Nick into her home with her and Tyler when they're already struggling, I worry it would just remind her of the life she couldn't lead and every other responsibility she's been forced into instead.

RadarOnline has apparently also spoken with April, who's still living in denial: “It would be a good place for Nick. But it's not going to happen. My kids are too important to me. I feel bad Catelynn had to grow up around me drinking all the time. She shouldn't have had to worry about her mom.” The thing is, we heard all this during the season when April would apologize to Catelynn and emphasize how proud she is of her. I'll admit that I was touched by April's hindsight, but if she's just making the same apology over and over, it loses its impact each time.

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