Catching The NIGHT SHIFT

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Catching The NIGHT SHIFT alloy default image jpgNIGHT SHIFT is a sister show of GENERAL HOSPITAL. Compare to that other sister show PORT CHARLES that has long been canceled, NIGHT SHIFT revolves around the same characters we see daily on GH. But, there are new characters added like the 3 cute and flirty nurses, one new Doctor, story-based characters, and storylines that will not be carried over to GH. It is one once a week, at Thursday nights on SoapNet channel. It’s on cable so if you want to see it, I suggest calling your cable or satellite provider to add it to your package. I’ve only seen the first episode and was only able to so by catching a replay on SoapNet channel last weekend. What I could tell you is that, the 3 nurses are head over heels Dr. Patrick but who could blame them, right? Jason is doing a janitorial job as part of his probation. Robin is jealous over those 3 nurses, there was already an explosion, an HIV-infected pregnant lady is making Robin think about her own situation, Epiphany maybe getting a love interest in the persona of Billy Dee William aka Lando Calrissian from the Star Wars movies, Coop and Maxie getting caught having sex, Jason and Robin reminiscing on their past, oh and the most interesting part is a dead-cum-alive lady with the last name “Barrett” written on a tag hanging from her toe.

Now I’m not sure if that’s Brenda who’s been re-casted or someone from Coop’s family who could be Auntie Brenda. Oh Lordy. Confused yet? I know I am..LOL. Oh well. Watch out for Spinelli showing up as well. He is Jason’s side-kick these days so it makes sense. And of course, Elizabeth will be doing Night Shift duty one of these days. A way for Jason to spend time with Jake.

This is just going to be flummoxing since Jason is supposed to be in jail. Ah, whatever right? We’ll watch it anyway.