Watching The Catching Fire Cast Interview Each Other Is Better Than All Your Quarter Quell Fantasies Combined

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Quarter Quell Poster Catching Fire

The closer and closer we get to the Catching Fire premiere, the more stressed I get about it. My expectations for this movie are so unbelievably high right now that it's almost inconceivable that they'll be met. And part of the reason they're so high is because the cast is so stellar. And guys, I've never even used the word stellar in a sentence before. I don't even know where in my brain that word came from. Possibly the same place where all my Full House trivia lives. (Side note: I'm so sick of dropping R.I.P Papouli into a conversation and having no one pick it up.)

Recently Jennifer LawrenceJosh HutchersonSam Claflin and Jena Malone sat down with Moviefone to do an unscripted interview about the movie. And by unscripted, they really mean unhosted. The cast gets asked a ton of fan-submitted questions from an off-screen person/computer and then they answer them. And then they go off on a tangent and get off topic and then it gets extra-amazing.

You know those fantasies that you have where you walk into a room full of your favorite celebrities and you just hang out and talk nonsense all night? And then they're like, “OMG, you're like really awesome, can we hang out again soon?” And you're playing it cool and are like “umm, I'm really busy next week, but I'll try to clear my cal.” And then their lawyers come in and watch as you legally become blood sisters. Yeah? Well this interview's as close as you're ever going to get to that.

Plus — and get ready for this plus ladies — Sam Claflin talks about his penis popping out of his wetsuit thong. Bet you never even knew that was a fantasy option!

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