The Final Catching Fire Trailer Is Here — Hope You Didn’t Need To Get Anything Done Today

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Jennifer Lawrence Catching Fire GIF(via)
Secretary, clear my schedule! Cancel all my appointments and tell my kid I won't be at his baseball game, because the new and final Catching Fire trailer is here, and I need to make sure I've allotted enough time to sit in front of it and marvel.

This movie has been a long time coming, no? Maybe it's just because it's a sequel, and Hunger Games came out forever ago, but I feel like I've been waiting for November 22nd, 2013 for my whole life. Yeah that's right, my whole life. Before I even saw The Hunger Games movie or read the books or knew what a movie WAS. That's how long I've been waiting for this movie to come out.

And even though it's not quite here yet, this is the next best thing. The final trailer aired last night on FOX during game four of the World Series, a perfect time for normal sporting Americans to see it, but an imperfect time for anyone watching The Good Wife, like myself, to have any inkling of its existence. This is the first time I've honestly considered cultivating a fondness for sports. I wouldn't do it for a guy, I wouldn't do it for the parties — I might do it for Jennifer Lawrence kicking ass as Katniss Everdeen.  It's that important.

Or maybe it's not, but either way I've been spending my morning rewatching it multiple times, combing through for hints and details on what the arena will look like, any future smooches between J-Law and Josh Hutcherson, and maybe even a glimpse of that suspicious cigarette that everyone made such a big deal out of them smoking in Hawaii during filming.

Spoiler alert — no dice on the cigarette or the smooches, but there are some really bitching shots of the arena, the costumes, and President Snow to really get you in the Hunger Games spirit.

Well played, Panem. Well played. And now, to spend the next four weeks holding my breath.