These Catching Fire Set Photos Are The Next Best Thing To Naked Finnick Photos

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According to calendars, November's still very far away. So even though I'm totally ready to go to the theaters and watch Catching Fireit's apparently not even an option. Maybe I'm misunderstanding the constitution, but I thought the whole point of that entire document was that I could do what I want, when I want. I placed a call into the ACLU to see if they could speed along my case and get me a copy of the movie stat.

While we wait to hear back from my team of lawyers, we can entertain ourselves with these new photos of the Cornucopia set and the Tribute Parade set from Google Maps. Yep, some genius Hunger Games superfan found them on Google Maps and shared them with TheHob.org. And now we're sharing them with you for your viewing pleasure.

Before you get too giddy, these are purely set photos. There's no Katniss Everdeen or Peeta Mellark to be found here. But that's what your heart's for anyway! Am I right or am I right or am I the kind of person who would be killed first as a tribute because these people don't really seem to like jokes.

Catching Fire Cornucopia Catching Fire Set

I'm sad to say the tribute parade set doesn't do much for me. Right now it's really just evoking the idea of a suburban parking lot. So we won't discuss it any longer because it will just stress me out. There's nothing more traumatic than a crowded parking lot on a busy day. NOTHING. Well except a long line for the bathroom at a bar when you really have to go.

The Cornucopia however is doing a lot for me. To put it simply, it has Spring Break 2013 written all over it. Private beach? Check! Beautiful water? Check! High fences to keep obsessive fans out? Check! If they're not already booking reservations  they should get on that ASAP. It would be a gold mine. Especially if they hire Jennifer LawrenceJosh Hutcherson and Sam Claflin lookalikes to serve all the Miami Vices and Long Island Ice Teas and the Mike's Hard Lemonades.

I know it's a place filled with horrific televised murders, but whatever. I would still like to take off my clothes, slather on some SPF-100 and do body shots off Catching Fire extras who are still lingering around the set. To be able to get sunburnt in the same spot where Finnick Odair once stood would just be really meaningful for a Catching Fire fan.

And I know I'm not the only who feels that way.