Ugh, Sam Claflin Refuses To Show His Fassbender In Catching Fire

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Finnick OdairAs if the wait to see Catching Fire in the theaters wasn't already killing us, Sam Claflin drives the trident even further by saying that he won't be naked in the Hunger Games sequel. Even though author Suzanne Collins made it explicitly clear that there's a scene where Finnick Odair wears an outfit made out of a fishing net…and only a fishing net. Raise your hand if you think this news is absolutely ridiculous. Did you hear that whoosh? That's the sound of four billion hands simultaneously raising their hand in the air.

During an interview with Norwich’s Future Radio’s The Future Radio Film Review Show (transcribed by HGGIrlonFire.com), Sam Claflin breaks the news to fans all across the globe.

 There are certain aspects you can’t include, one being, Finnick Odair wearing just the net, not covering his crotch – that was something that we couldn’t, unfortunately, include but you know, I’m scantily clad. Hopefully people will still be happy.

No Sam, I don't know. I don't know why you expect “scantlly clad” to be enough in this day and age of Fifty Shades of Grey. I mean, have you ever been to Halloween? The holiday's practically sponsored by the concept of Scantily Clad. So sorry, I'm not sorry that I'm holding you to a higher standard than a bunch of girls dressed up as sexy nurses and slutty flappers and horny vegetables.

Sadly it's time you to step up to the plate or step off the field. (I'm just getting ready for the Superbowl by using as many inaccurate sports metaphors as possible.) Either wear what Suzanne Collins says you wear or give the role to someone who will.

What's Michael Fassbender up to lately?

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