Just A Few Catching Fire Photos That Will Make You Want To Put Josh Hutcherson In Your Pocket

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Liam Hemsworth Jennifer Lawrence Josh Hutcherson catching fire premiere berlin

While I'm attracted to Liam Hemsworth, I'm in love with Josh Hutcherson. He's such a precious little nugget that I can't handle it. Sometimes I just want to reach into my computer, grab him out of there and throw him in my pocket. Which is a normal thing to want to do. I mean I haven't confirmed that with anyone, but I just know that pocketing people's a-okay! Especially if they look sharp in suits.

jennifer lawrence josh hutcherson liam hemsworth catching fire berlin

Last night Josh, Liam and the internet's best gal pal, Jennifer Lawrence walked the red carpet during the Catching Fire premiere in Berlin. Obviously they all looked adorable together. It's kinda their thing, be the cast that makes every other cast look like mere acquaintances. You know, the cast that brings up peeing together in their wetsuits in multiple interviews.  But Josh Hutcherson out-adorabled both Jen and Liam by just being himself. I don't want to short shame him here, but he carries his height better than any other short guy I know. No stilts on the red carpet for this guy. Also no getting creative with the posing so that no one can tell that he's shorter than Jennifer Lawrence. He's cool with being short and we're therefore cool with it too.

josh hutcherson liam hemsworth jennifer lawrence catching fire premiere berlin

Especially since it means he'll fit right into my cargo pants. Cargo pants are back in, right guys? I read that somewhere. I think in my 8th grade diary, but also maybe in Vogue. Either way, if he goes missing, you know where to look for him.

(Photos: Wenn.com)