First Photos From Catching Fire Will Make You Want To Have Sex With Finnick

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catching fire photo

Just as my own stomach started to play its daily round of hunger games with me, I see that Entertainment Weekly just published the first Catching Fire photos. So now I'm forced to delay my lunch a bit so we can analyze and over-analyze what these photos mean for the movie.

Upon first glance we can instantly conclude that we're going to want to have sex with Finnick Odair throughout the entire movie. Something about Sam Claflin holding a trident of terror really gets me excited. Like maybe I'm into tridents. I don't know. That's why I love the Hunger Games franchise so much. It makes me into things I never thought possible, such as child murder.

Besides Finnick Odair being the new hot thing, we can also definitively say that Katniss Everdeen will return for Catching Fire. Sure we know that the book included her, but sometimes movies make big changes for the sake of making it visually appealing. However these photos prove that Jennifer Lawrence will reprise her role and return to the big screen.

Last but not least I think it's now clear that wetsuits will be all the rage in 2014. As soon as this movie hits theaters in late 2013, we're all going to want one. And when you think about it, they just make more sense. Just because it's raining out doesn't mean you should bundle up in a bulky raincoat and betray your body. Wet suits allow you to be wet, while also showing off your entire figure. How it took us this long to figure out, I will never understand. But that's why I'm a maxxinista and not a fashionista.

katniss finnick catching fire movie photo

Pick up Entertainment Weekly on January 11th to see even more pics!