Surprise, Peeta Mellark Has A Brother In Catching Fire, And He Looks Eerily Like Josh Hutcherson

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Isaac King Peeta Mellark brother Catching Fire Josh Hutcherson looks likeI often joke about not being quite as big of a Hunger Games fan as the other panelists on our weekly podcast, but now I can definitely say I'm a bad fan: I had no idea that Peeta Mellark has not one but two brothers! At least one of them will be appearing in Catching Fire, if the rumors are true: An unknown actor named Isaac King has allegedly been cast in the sequel and starts filming tomorrow.

Props to Hunger Games Trilogy for catching wind of this! It started yesterday, when an actor named Danny Williams tweeted that his buddy Isaac had been cast. When HGT followed up, Isaac seemed to confirm the casting, because he said he couldn't talk about when filming commences but didn't deny anything.

Isaac King Peeta Mellark brother Catching Fire Josh Hutcherson looks like Twitter Danny Williams

At first I was wary, because Danny speaks with a lot of authority for someone who's also an aspiring actor. (One of his recent tweets is about how he should play Anastasia Steele's other love interest Jose in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie.) But then I noticed that Danny's original tweet seems to have been deleted, Isaac's Twitter account is entirely gone, and Isaac's blog is now password-protected despite HGT being able to grab a photo from it the other day. So, it seems like they're not allowed to talk about it anymore, which we're tempted to take as confirmation. Still, we'll wait until we hear the official word from Lionsgate.

Isaac King Peeta Mellark brother Catching Fire Josh Hutcherson looks like Twitter Danny WilliamsIn the meantime, let's look at Isaac! It's surprising just how much he resembles Josh Hutcherson in facial shape, especially Josh from the Kids Are All Right era. According to the fan wiki, Peeta has an older and younger brother—the one who's 19-23 in the first book would've been too old to volunteer in Peeta's place at the reaping, whereas the younger one (17-18) could've but chose not to. But in Catching Fire, Peeta winds up volunteering when his fellow District 12 winner Haymitch Abernathy (Woody Harrelson) gets picked. So why they're bringing in the brothers in this movie, I'm not sure of.

Unless! The producers plan to show us a lot more of District 12 while Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) and Peeta are in the Games. That way we'll see Gale (Liam Hemsworth) taking care of Katniss' family, and I guess the Mellarks watching Peeta on his second go-round in a year. Do you agree that double the Mellark is double the fun, or are you so overloaded on casting tidbits already?

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