The Ultimate Guide to Knowing Which Catching Fire Guy Is For You

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Finnick Odair Nod


Grab the luggage cart because this hunk come with some baggage. But if you can get past that and can get him into bed, hubba hubba. He's everything you've ever wanted in a guy — plus a Hunger Games champion. Not since your 7th grade boyfriend has a man made puka shells works so well.


President Snow Stand


A powerful man in a power suit? Sign me up! If you're into guys who are into killing other guys, then you're probably going to be into President Snow. Just be careful! Break up with this guy and you're going to get broken. Literally. President Snow is a murderer.


Cinna The Hunger Games Bet On You


Is getting dressed in the morning a total drag? Yes? Well then Cinna might be man for you. Not only will he get you dressed and ready for the day, but he'll make sure you always steal the show. Prepare to have your heart (and all your clothes) set on fire!


Flavius The Hunger Games Smile


So Cinna said no? Meet Flavius. He's like Cinna, but far less interesting.


Caesar Flickerman The Hunger Games Laugh


Looking for a man who knows his way around all the hottest parties? Well look no further than Caesar Flickerman. Think Ryan Seacrest, but with far more exciting hair. Sure he's a little self-involved, but really, what Capitol A-lister isn't these days?


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