Liam Hemsworth Stares Vacantly In Candid Catching Fire Photo, Easily Seduces Everyone Around Him

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Catching Fire Behind the Scenes

You know what I love about Catching Fire star Liam Hemsworth? His face. Also his accent. And the fact he's related to Chris Hemsworth, a man who single-handedly made the word heartthrob applicable in a post-Mall-Madness world.

Before The Hunger Games premiered last year, I didn't know anything about Liam Hemsworth — besides the fact that he dated Miley Cyrus. And this was back in my completely irrational Miley Cyrus Hatred days. You know, before I realized she's a publicity genius and completely worthy of all the attention we give her. No sarcasm, I love Miley Cyrus now.

But back in the days that I didn't love her, I didn't think her boyfriend was worth paying any attention to. Until he started doing red carpet interviews for The Hunger Games and I found out that he's more than just a handsome face. He's also a person with an Australian accent. I fell in love and I fell in love hard. “More Gale Hawthrone please,” I said to no one in particular.

And now thanks to the kind folks at Lionsgate who sent over this candid behind-the-scenes photo, Gale Hawthorne is back…and he's starring at something in the distance with his mouth slightly agape. Where is he looking? What is he thinking? Why is he so fun to look at?

The answers to these questions don't matter. All that matters is that Jennifer Lawrence and Francis Lawrence are just smiling at him. Like everyone else, they're completely under his spell. He doesn't even have to do anything to impress people. Just being Liam Hemsworth is enough for them. And I gotta say, I completely agree.

(Photo: Lionsgate)