Scandal On Set: Finnick Odair Has Nip Slip While Filming Catching Fire

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In a week full of scandalous nip slips, we shouldn't be surprised that another celebrity exposed himself publicly. However, we should be shocked that it occurred on the set of Catching Fire.

The Hunger Games sequel commonly gets referred to as a family-friendly movie aimed at that coveted demographic of families who joke a little too sincerely about murdering their own children for a chance at a better lifestyle.

So why then did newcomer Sam Claflin walk around set topless without a care in the world? Especially after fans still haven't fully accepted him as the chosen actor to play Finnick Odair. I mean, he will do. But speaking on behalf of Hunger Games fans everywhere, he's not our first choice. Not when Billy Crytal's such an obvious choice for the heroic role.

At first I thought maybe he didn't know you could see his nipples a la a classic nip slip, but then I quickly realized that he knew. Oh he knew. He allegedly wanted his cast members to see him topless so he could make it clear who has the biggest nipples on that set. Just because he didn't make it into the first film doesn't mean he won't be the biggest star on set.

But that's just something I heard from a Hollywood insider who's never been to Hollywood, but did spent significant time in '90s chatrooms talking about Hollywood.

While you recover from this scandalous start to the filming of the most highly anticipated sequel ever, rest assured that some of the people on set still have dignity and morals.

Like Josh Hutcherson. May this photo of him carrying his dog Driver make you believe in the moral fibers of this movie again.

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