Dear Hunger Games Casting Gods: Please Don’t Cast Robert Pattinson As Finnick Odair

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Like every other diehard Hunger Games fan, I'm extremely excited to see who gets cast in its sequel Catching Fire. Obviously our favorites like Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson will be back — but who gets to play huge roles like Finnick Odair and Betee is still up in the air.

While reading Catching Fire, I always imagined the gorgeous and charismatic Finnick Odair to be played by someone gorgeous and charismatic. So you can imagine my disappointment when I saw the latest fan chatter that Twihards are hoping that Robert Pattinson gets cast in the role.

The article says:

In all truthfulness, it is Rob's physical appearance that's partly (mostly?) responsible for the Twilight heart-throb being considered as a natural for the role of Finnick Odair. A 20-something from District 4 who actually won the Games 10 years before, Finnick is described in the books as “one of the most attractive people in the world.” Sounds a lot like Edward Cullen doesn't he? At least physically anyway. Twihards who are also Hunger Games fans would be ecstatic.

I completely understand that seeing Edward Cullen playing a major role in Catching Fire would make Twihard hearts explode into millions of little vampire pieces. But for those of us who never got into Twilight and the Robert-Pattinson-mania, it just wouldn't work. Not only do I not find him to be all that dreamy, but I also can't look at him without picturing vampires, werewolves and Kristen Stewart's smile-free face. It would completely distract from the movie.

Also, to be completely middle-school about this whole thing, it's just not fair that an actor would get to star in two blockbuster franchises. That would be like Daniel Radcliffe playing Betee. It's just not the way it works in the Hollywood rule book that lives in my head. You get ONE huge franchise during your career. Then you're on your own when it comes to making tweens love you and swoon over you and cause mall stampedes over you.

So in case the casting gods are reading this, I ask you not to cast Robert Pattinson. You wouldn't want Katniss to have to shoot him when he tried to bite her neck.