The Secret To Casting Catching Fire: Find Actors With The Same Initials As The Characters

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Catching Fire fan poster casting rumors initials Finnick Odair Annie Cresta Hazelle HawthorneOn last night's Hunger Games Fireside Chat podcast, our co-host Savanna New hit upon an interesting trend in the Catching Fire casting news: So far, the two actors somewhat-confirmed share the same initials as their characters! We have Philip (Seymour) Hoffman as Plutarch Heavensbee (PH), and we're pretty sure that Jena Malone will play Johanna Mason (JM). Seems too much like foreshadowing to be a coincidence, right?

We really know nothing about who else will be filling out the cast, aside from some actors politely saying they might be interested and fans' own dream casting. So why not play around with initials a little bit? Most of the victor tributes go by one name — Brutus, Cashmere, Gloss, Enobaria, Beetee, etc. — so they can't be part of this game, but there are a few supporting characters we can make some wild guesses on.

Finnick Odair: Turns out that FO are really unique initials! The only person who immediately comes to mind isn't an actor, though he is in the news lately: Rapper (and Crushable 25 honoree) Frank Ocean, who came out as bisexual and has opened up about his first same-sex experience in his new song “Bad Religion.” Of course, you'd get backlash from fans who envision Finnick as tanned but still white. But it's him or puppeteer Frank Oz, who did a great job with Yoda but might be a tad old to play dear Finnick.

Annie Cresta: Here we might be on to something—in the past few years, Anna Chlumsky has had guest roles on 30 Rock and White Collar and now stars in HBO's Veep. She's a bit old to play Finnick's childhood love Annie — they're both in their twenties, and poor Annie's insanity makes her comes across as younger — but she's very striking if you're looking for someone compelling to play the woman he fights for.

Madge Undersee: …Yeah, I got nothing. Anyway, Lionsgate doesn't seem committed to bringing in Madge even though she's a fan favorite.

Hazelle Hawthorne: Fourth time's a charm? Holly Hunter would kill it as Gale's mother, a strong woman raising her kids without a father. And because Catching Fire goes a long way toward establishing the Katniss/Gale romance, we need a talented actress to draw us into the Hawthorne family and make a case for why Katniss should make a life with them instead of Peeta.

Really, we're just dicking around and playing any casting game we can til the movie starts shooting in September. Feel free to add your own matches for these initials in the comments!

Photo: Awesome fan poster from asheathes on Tumblr!