Every Single Catching Fire Interview That’s Worth Watching In One Place

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Quarter Quell Poster Catching Fire

As you may or may definitely know Catching Fire comes out this weekend. THIS WEEKEND. It's hard to believe that the movie's finally here. Especially since we've been waiting for it since we put the book down way back in 2001. Or whenever it came out. What is a date but a way to track the days before we separated into 12 districts and started murdering children for fun?

While we've patiently waited around for the movie to premiere, the cast has gone on what feels like a neverending press tour. Even though all their interviews are obviously amazing, some are more amazing than others. As in some I've watched several hundred times and some I've only seen twice. However since you probably don't work for the Internet like I do, I thought there's a small chance that you've missed a few of these. And that's okay. I understand that there are people in the world who don't wake up and search for Catching Fire cast interviews. Some people brush their teeth first. (And those people die first in the arena…but no judgement!)

To make sure you're fully prepared for what the best movie of the year — at least in the Dystopian Nightmares for Tweens category — I've rounded up my  favorite interviews. Watch. Enjoy. And pray that one day you'll be half as entertaining as these people.

1. The one where Jennifer Lawrence eats an entire candy bracelet

I love candy and I love Jennifer Lawrence. So it makes sense mathematically that she also loves candy. And therefore can't resist from eating an entire candy bracelet during an interview. Nothing says “real live human being” more than someone munching away on pure sugar in the middle of answering questions.

2. The one where kangaroo sex comes up

First of all, I could listen Liam Hemsworth talk all the live long day. About, um, anything.(My obsession with Australian accents borders on unsafe. Seriously I would do anything for a man from down under. “Oh you want me to bludgeon him to death? Okay stud!”) Throw in a story about Jen asking Liam if he'd ever had sex with a kangaroo and I'm in love.

3. The one where Jennifer Lawrence gives Josh Hutcherson the middle finger

Not since I put baking soda and vinegar together in 3rd grade have I seen the kind of chemistry that's between Josh and Jen. They're in love. And in like. Which is why watching them bounce off each other during these interviews makes me want to be their third wheel.

4. The one where Josh Hutcherson plays a prank of Sam Claflin

In case you didn't already want to go back in time and get cast as an extra in this movie just so you can be on set every day, this interview will do the trick. Not only do Josh and Jen mess with each other every single day, but they also mess with others. Or to be more specific, Peeta Mellark messed with Finnick Odair. Can you say bromance? (I mean don't  because it's a very 2008 thing to say, but definitely think it.)

5. The one where Jennifer Lawrence threatens a reporter

What's so great about Jen (besides everything) is the fact that she's incredibly unfiltered. You really never know what will come out of her mouth. That's exactly why she's so fun to watch being interviewed. And/or threatening to take out an interviewer.

6. The one where Sam Claflin talks about not wearing clothes

Sorry I'm not sorry for wanting to think about Sam Claflin running amuck with nothing but a rope around his waist. I won't apologize for having hormones. And a career tribute fetish.

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