Catch “Pretty Wicked” on Oxygen Network

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Pretty WickedWhat would happen if you put a dozen beautiful, yet vacuous, narcissistic and just plain mean women together and give them a mission to learn to be good people? That's the premise for this reality series on Oxygen network and the series is called Pretty Wicked.

The host is a beautiful reality series veteran herself, so she knows what she's talking about. Caridee English, who won the 7th season of America's Next Top Model is the show's host and the judges include a psychotherapist (since most of these women really need one!)

I have watched the first two episodes and it's an interesting study in how hard it is for people to change. In the premiere, none of the women showed any visible depth or redeeming value. Slowly, but surely, many of them seem to be coming around. Here's a short clip of what's up in tonight's episode:

If you want to watch the process of changing a group of women into better people, be sure to watch Pretty Wicked on Oxygen tonight at 10/9c.