Video: CatCam Is The Shortest, Cutest, And Most Internet-y Film At This Year’s Tribeca Film Festival

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Dude. Dude. Want to see a movie that was shot by a cat? I’m not sure how much cuter and more viral it gets than that.

CatCam tells the story of one man hell bent on answering the question “what does my cat do when he goes outside?” In it, a German engineer named Juergen walks us through his life with Mr. Lee, from adoption to international fame and accolades.

The story goes like this: shortly after moving to South Carolina with his family, Juergen lets a stray tom cat into his house and names him Mr. Lee. From there, he gets curious about what Mr. Lee does on his long voyages outside the house, so he invents a nifty little camera (a “cat cam,” if you will) and attaches it to Mr. Lee’s collar. What he finds is an impressive amount of ground covered (the cat leaves the neighborhood entirely), as well as a complex social life with other cats. “You see pictures where two or three cats are just sitting by each other,” he says. Just hanging out with pals. Adorable! We also get to see some fights, because Mr. Lee is a bad ass.

Eventually, the cat cam draws international attention, and Mr. Lee even wins a photography trophy, out of which he eats shrimp. I would have appreciated more uninterrupted footage from the cat cam, especially with it being 4/20 and all, but overall I like this film very much. And I don’t know about you, but there’s something about a narrator with a cute German accent that makes me love a documentary that much more.

Click here to watch the whole thing for free on the Tribeca Film Festival website!

(Via The Tribeca Film Festival)