The Cast of The O.C.: Where Are They Now?

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The O.C. was one of the most popular teen shows of the 2000s. Running for an upsettingly-short four season, the show chronicled the trials and tribulations of some drama-loving Orange County families. At the center of the action was Ryan Atwood, a troubled teen adopted by the wealthy, kind-hearted Cohens. The show was basically a pop culture phenomenon: it still has a dedicated fan base nearly 15 years since it first premiered.

As well as its engaging plotlines and enticing melodrama, The O.C.‘s popularity was hugely created thanks to its cast. Both the teens and the adults were portrayed by a talented bunch of newcomers and veterans that pulled in audiences. But where are Seth, Summer, Ryan, Marissa and co.'s real-life counterparts these days? Who's become a megastar and who's kept a low profile? Read on and find out!