The Cast of High School Musical: Where Are They Now?

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Disney Channel

If you were a tween or teen in the mid-2000s, chances are you knew the lyrics to every single song from High School Musical. Okay, real talk: you could probably still recite a lot of them now. This Disney Channel Original Movie classic – and its two sequels – were all the rage back in the day. We all wanted to be Gabriella Montez, brainiac-turned-musical-theatre-star. We all wished we were as fabulous as Sharpay Evans. Likewise, we all memorized the dance moves to “We're All In This Together,” just in case our time in the spotlight was just around the corner. You know it's true.

Brace yourselves: turns out the first High School Musical movie is now a whole thirteen years old. That's basically how old WE were when we loved it! Where has the time gone? As you'd expect, the last decade-and-a-bit have seen the series' cast change an awful lot. You'll have seen Zac Efron all over the place: it seems like he's cast in every other blockbuster these days. But what happened to some of the more minor characters in the HSM world? Is Martha's actress still hoppin' and boppin'? Likewise, did adorable baker Zeke ever make his perfect crème brûlée? You'll have to read on to find out…