As If A Casey Anthony Movie On Lifetime Wasn’t Exciting Enough, Rob Lowe Will Play The Prosecutor

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The strangest part of the Casey Anthony verdict was that it wasn't immediately followed up by an announcement that Lifetime would start production on a movie. This is their bread and butter. Every time something horrible happens, I assume that the executive producers there are excitedly texting each other with their casting picks. Will it be Tori Spelling or Teri Polo or Lisa Rinna? Maybe all three? They can all play one victim at different points during her trial!!!

That's why I find it so baffling that it took Lifetime years to get moving on the Casey Anthony movie. Law & Order: SVU whipped up their episode before the trial even started. (Have you seen it? It stars Hilary Duff as Casey Anthony-ish).

But it's here now and that's all that matters. Prosecuting Casey Anthony premieres on January 19, 2013 on Lifetime at a TBD time. It will get a hashtag and it will trend on Twitter, so set your DVR now and stop pretending you're too good for Lifetime.

 Virginia Welch,America's other girl next door, will play Casey Anthony. More importantly Drew Peterson: Untouchable's Rob Lowe will play prosecutor Jeff Ashton. While it's hard to picture the former wife killer playing a central Florida lawyer, I'm confident that Rob Lowe will be able to handle the acting transition with ease. Lifetime only hires the finest actors. (Except when they don't, which is often.)

On an unrelated note, several people have told me I look like Casey Anthony. Naturally, as someone who's never gone on trial for murder, I take offense at this statement. However, if I'd known this movie was in production, I would've possibly offered myself to play the role. Starring in a Lifetime movie's #57 on my bucket list. Obviously #56 is spend a day trying to figure out how many Lifetime movies combine the words “love, lies and murder” in their title. And #58 is survive a juice cleanse.

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