Carrie Underwood Says Mean Sound Of Music Reviewers Need Jesus, Doesn’t Say If She’ll Pay For Shipping And Handling

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The Sound of Music Live Carrie Underwood

Look, I'm not saying that Carrie Underwood's entire team should be fired. But I am saying that someone who works for her really dropped the ball. And I'm not even talking about the fact that they encouraged her to take an iconic role in a live TV version of The Sound of Music. I'm talking about the fact that someone let her get on the Internet after the show ended. What in heaven's name were they thinking? That she wouldn't google herself? That she would go straight to KuteKitties.com and spend the night staring at feel-good cat gifs? No! Of course she read the reviews. And of course her feelings got hurt.  While the show got amazing ratings, the reviews were more along the lines of whhhaaatt and whhhhhyyy and noooooooooo.

Naturally her feelings got hurt. Because she's human. And none of us, no matter how much money we make, like being told by the internet that we're the worst.

And look, I might look good up here on this soapbox, but I won't pretend that I didn't contribute to these negative reviews. In several small bursts of 140 characters. But I did it out of love. Because the only thing I enjoy more than watching a show that I genuinely enjoy is watching a show that the country hate-watches together. Not since Liz & Dick have I felt so connected to other Americans.

So Carrie Underwood, please accept my half-assed apology for hurting your feelings. Because as mean as I might have been (and I do believe they say that mean is the eye of the beholder), I really did enjoy watching The Sound of Music Live. In fact, according to the fact that I'm still talking about it, I might've enjoyed it a little bit too much. 

(Image: The Hollywood Reporter)