Carrie Underwood On ‘HIMYM’: Not Bad?

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NPH Carrie UnderwoodThe LA Times has the first clips of Carrie Underwood‘s guest appearance on How I Met Your Mother, and guess what: She's not bad! HIMYM has a long, storied history of stunt casting (call it what you will, but that's what it is), with everyone from Britney Spears to George Clinton to Heidi and Spencer Pratt making appearances on the show. But not every celebrity guest star is created equal — even playing themselves, Heidi and Spencer managed to seem wooden and disingenuous.

From the preview clips, we're guessing Carrie will fall comfortably between Britney Spears and Enrique Iglesias on the “competence of non-actor celebrity guest stars” scale we just invented. Britney isn't the greatest actress, but she was charming enough to avoid the cringe we got when watching Heidi and Spencer, and Enrique was unexpectedly funny as Robin's Argentinean boyfriend. We're hoping Carrie manages to pull off a charming and competent performance.

Other celeb guests have included Kim Kardashian, Bob Barker, and Regis Philbin as themselves. People like Amanda Peet, Rachel Bilson, Wayne Brady, Mandy Moore and James Van Der Beek have also appeared, but they actually make a living acting. Jennifer Lopez is slated to appear later in the season, which leads us to wonder: Who will be next? Tara Reid, perhaps?

(Photo: Yfrog)