Carrie Underwood Pulls A (Non-Creepy) Taylor Swift And Gives A 12-Year-Old His First Kiss

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Ever since 22-year-old Taylor Swift started dating 18-year-old Conor Kennedy, we've poked fun at the fact that he's still in high school and she's cradle-robbing. And yet, when a story cropped up about Carrie Underwood and a young man with an even bigger age difference, we couldn't help but think of it as yet another feel-good action from Carrie. Maybe it's because she won all the points for her statements in favor of gay marriage. Whatever it is, we can't help “aww”ing over this story of Carrie giving a twelve-year-old fan his first kiss.

At a recent concert, Carrie spotted young Chase standing in the crowd with a sign asking her to be his first kiss. The singer (who's 29, we might add) thought it was the sweetest thing and happily pulled him up on-stage. Watching the video, I did think I detected some nervousness from Carrie, who admitted that she was 14 when she got her first kiss. “How we going to do this?” she asked, and you could tell he'd already rehearsed his answer: “Lip to lip.” She laughed and called him “the smartest kid ever” and then totally went for it! With eyes closed, of course, which was more for her benefit than his. “That's the only time this is ever going to happen!” she told the audience.

She also giggled about her husband Mike Fisher being somewhere in the vicinity, but later she tweeted a photo with the hashtag #liptolip. Good for her! She made some little boy's life by being his first kiss, without it seeming creepy at all.