Carrie Underwood and Jennifer Hudson pay tribute to Michael Jackson

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Last night at the 2010 Grammy Awards two American Idol alumni took to the stage at the same time and the result was, well, spectacular to say the least. Both Carrie Underwood and Jennifer Hudson were part of a special Grammy tribute to Michael Jackson and they both blew me away.

Along with Celine Dion, Usher, and Smokey Robinson, Carrie and Jennifer sang Michael's planet-conscious “Earth Song” with Michael singing on another track. The entire thing was great but (and I realize I may be biased) honestly I thought that Jennifer and Carrie did the best job. Both of them were so powerful, it was incredible.

The only downside to the whole performance is that the producers decided for some reason that it would be great to do the Michael Jackson tribute in 3D. This would have been great except I imagine most people at home (like myself) did not actually have any 3D glasses. As a result we were stuck watching a distracting red and green distorted image; sometimes even the singers themselves ended up being blurred. I think it was a huge mistake but the sound was wonderful.

I would definitely love to see another Carrie Underwood and Jennifer Hudson joint performance in the future because they sound amazing together.