Reasons Why Your School Dance Could Go Horribly Wrong

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School is back in session, and along with the mountains of homework and the questionable cafeteria food comes the fun extracurriculars, like school dances. Whether it’s homecoming, winter semi-formal or prom, school dances are a time for students to hang out without worrying about answering the teachers’ questions. While we’re usually a big fan of school dances, sometimes bad things can happen. Ever heard of Carrie White from the movie Carrie? She’s just one reason why a school dance could go horribly wrong, but before we get to that, here are some other possibilities.

1. Your Date Could Be A No Show: You coordinated the color of his tie to match your dress, your mom took you to the florist to buy him a boutonniere, and you’ve tried on three different shades of lip gloss. But then, he doesn’t show. It could be a legitimate reason – he has to babysit his little sister last minute, he got food poisoning the night before – but going to the dance alone after expecting to be escorted on your crush’s arm is a major let down.

2. Your Nemesis Could Be Wearing The Same Dress: You didn’t think anyone knew about the little boutique the next town over, or would even be brave enough to pull off this style, but there she is: your worst enemy, sashaying across the dance floor in the same exact dress. Your friends assure you it looks better on you, but you’re still tempted to fashion one of the tablecloths into a toga.

3. Awful Music: Whether there’s a DJ or a live band, music is crucial. It is a dance, after all, and if you can’t groove to the tunes then there’s just no point. How can you expect to have an intimate slow-dance moment with your date if the songs are so terrible everyone’s remaining in their seats?

4. You Could Get Sick In The Middle Of The Dance Floor: Your crew went to a new restaurant before heading over to the dance. You thought the fish entree sounded legit, but after shaking it on the dance floor for awhile the seared tuna isn’t sitting so well in your stomach. Next thing you know, you’re spending the rest of the night in the bathroom.

5. Carrie White Could Show Up: You never know which girl in your school secretly has telekinesis or if she’ll decide to unleash those powers on the school at the senior prom. Watch Chloë Grace Moretz as Carrie do just that in the upcoming film Carrie. The film, directed by Kimberly Peirce, comes to theaters this October and we couldn’t be more excited to see it.

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Carrie hits theaters this Friday!

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