The Carrie Remake Shows Us The Pig’s Blood ‘Money Shot’ Way Too Early

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When the first poster for the Carrie remake was released, it was a chillingly understated image: Chloe Moretz‘s sad, furious face, with just a little bit of blood dripping down her face. Was it the start of the rush of pig's blood that would be dumped on her at prom in one of horror's most iconic scenes? Or was it the blood of her victims? We didn't know, but it set up the remake succinctly.

But with the official first images released, the studio has blown their load, and fans aren't happy. Entertainment Weekly just posted one shot each of Chloe as awkward, friendless Carrie, and Julianne Moore as her crazed and devoutly religious mother Margaret. Now, let's look at Julianne first—this image is from an indeterminate point in the movie, but it sums up her character perfectly. She's got those vacant but dangerous eyes, desexualizing nightgown, cross, and a knife (!!). She means business, but there's still so much for us to learn about Julianne's performance once we actually see trailers and the movie itself.

Julianne Moore Carrie first look mom religion Chloe Moretz

I really think the filmmakers have shown us too much too soon where it comes to Chloe as Carrie. Because the movie is about seven months away — March 15, 2013 — and already they've shown us the “money shot”: Carrie covered in pig's blood after that horrible prom prank by the popular kids. Why did we need to see this already?

Chloe Moretz Carrie First Look pig's blood too soon mystery gone money shot

Sure, it's not any sort of mystery, as that image of Sissy Spacek drenched in pig's blood will forever be seared into our memories, plus there was that 2002 TV pilot remake. But why not have shown us Carrie's terror at the first time she uses her telekinesis, or Carrie getting tampons thrown at her by the popular girls when she has her period for the first time? I have to agree with Bleeding Cool and Shock Till You Drop: You've just shown us the movie's high point, and everything after it will be lesser.

This isn't to say that Chloe won't do a good job as Carrie! She's going to be stellar, I have no doubt. We just would've liked some subtlety, working up to that moment and preserving some of the movie's suspense.

Photos: Michael Gibson for Entertainment Weekly