16 of Carrie Bradshaw’s Most Ridiculous Quotes

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Even though it doesn’t have vocals, the peppy, jazzy opening tune of Sex and the City is still one of the most recognizable theme songs on television — as memorable as Carrie’s “naked dress,” the ladies’ love of Cosmopolitans, and many of the columnist’s iconic, though occasionally absurd, quotes about sex, relationships, and New York City.

Carrie Bradshaw never claimed to be as wise as our mothers (whose advice somehow always ends up being correct, even if we fail to see it at the time), but how exactly did she become the guru that all of her friends — as well as all of the women of NYC — went to for advice?

For being a forward-thinking sex columnist, Carrie has remarkably narrow-minded perspective on many things, including but not limited to sexual orientation, finances, and the power balance in relationships. While some of her more profound “Later that night I got to thinking…” muses will always have a special place in viewers’ hearts, she had quite a few quotes that quite frankly are just ridiculous.