Carly Rae Jepsen Says Justin Bieber Is Doing Just Fine, And She’s Not At All Biased

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Justin Bieber and Carly Rae Jepsen at the MMVAs in Canada June 2012Guys, quit worrying about Justin Bieber! He's not having a meltdown or a breakdown, or any other kind of down that you might have been associating with behavior like stripping in airports, abandoing exotic animals all across the globe, and driving a goddamn leopard-print Audi. He has it totally together, as it turns out, and I have that on very good authority — from the one and only Carly Rae Jepsen. As you may recall, Justin basically discovered Carly Rae and brought her and her song ‘Call Me Maybe' to fame last summer, back when he still had it basically together as a credible human being. The two of them are now touring together, and Carly had this to say when asked about Justin's recent antics:

“I actually am so out of the loop on any of that, to be honest. People are constantly, like, ‘Is Justin OK?’ I’ve not really noticed any of that. I feel like Justin’s a guy who’s working hard every day, and I think the media can sometimes be a little brutal with stuff and over-exaggerate things. But I stand by him. I support him. I think he’s a good guy, and he’s doing the best he can.”

I love that people ask her if he's okay. Like, she's not his mom. Based on how much he's photographed out in the world, she probably sees just about as much of him as we do. And I also love that she can't really give a straight answer. She's like, “Yeah I mean he's working hard every day. If he's been leaping out of his van to attack paparazzi like a deranged flying squirrel, then nobody's breathed a word of it to me. I support him, and anyone who makes me famous and then allows me to tour the country with them.” Let's be reasonable, guys: what is she really gonna say about him that's negative? It's all about reading in between the lines, and in between these lines it says, “Please don't ask me that I'm sure he's fine and not having his quarter life crisis way early!”

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