Sarah Hyland Did Not Take The Carly Rae Jepsen Casting News Well, Pre-Apologizes For Mean Tweet

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carly rae jepsen falling off car

Despite the fact that you thought Carly Rae Jepsen faded into obscurity around the time that “Gangnam Style” became a hit, she was apparently just lurking on the sidelines, waiting for an opportunity to make a comeback. And last night Opportunity, the fairy godmother of one hit wonders, came knocking! She offered Carly a role in Broadway's Cinderella. And not as a magical mouse with bangs and an honorary degree from design school, but as Cinderella herself. As someone who's not overly invested in Broadway, I gave this news a solid meh. But as someone who knows that some people take their Broadway real seriously, I checked Twitter to see what people were saying about this casting choice.

And luck be a lady tonight because I came across a delightful tweet from Modern Family's Sarah Hyland!!! Who, as you can probably gather from my use of three exclamation marks, did not take the news well.

Not only did she use caps to express her horror over the situation, but she tried to start drama by tagging Laura Osnes in her tweet. Laura who? Don't feel bad. I had to look her up too. Turns out she's not Sarah's musical-lovin' friend, but instead the current star of the Broadway show. Unfortch for Sarah, she shut down the drama shortly after the initial casting announcement by tweeting out a message about being kind to other people. (I know, total yawn, right?) While she doesn't name drop Carly Rae J, I'll go ahead and assume she wanted to cut off the hate before it got out of control.

Which is what Sarah sorta did too about an hour after her initial tweet.

As much as I wanted this to escalate into some kind of weird celebriwar, I do have to give Sarah props for pre-apologizing for her tweet. Sure she doesn't say sorry for what she initially said, but our expert reader-between-the-lines analyst confirms that this tweet's a clear attempt to avoid the drama she started. So there you have it. A casting scandal over before it even started. Now who's excited to see Carly Rae Jepsen on Broadway? Speak up now! Anyone? Perhaps I can get a “Call Me Maybe” about Prince Charming parody. Anyone?

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