Meet Carly Rae Jepsen: She Could Be The Next Justin Bieber, Especially With Her Celebrity Backing

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Carly Rae Jepsen Justin BieberCarly Rae Jepsen can call Justin Bieber her mentor, possible collaborator, and fan: The former Canadian Idol contestant got Biebs' attention with her pop single “Call Me Maybe.” Sure, he plucked her out of relative obscurity, but we can't forget that it was after she'd already recorded a catchy hit that he and his friends couldn't resist making a fan video for. At this rate, Carly could even be the next big star out of Canada, what with all this celebrity support.

Our northern neighbors knew who Carly was back in 2008, when she ultimately placed third on Canadian Idol and performed in the Top 3 concert tour. Not to mention, in 2010 she was nominated for two Juno Awards (Best New Artist and Songwriter of the Year).

But she started to get real attention this past January, when Bieber and Selena Gomez began tweeting photos and videos of them rocking out to her song “Call Me Maybe.” They liked it so much, in fact, that a few weeks ago the couple rounded up famous pals including Ashley Tisdale and some of Big Time Rush‘s members to make a home video: Wearing fake mustaches and holding out their phones, they dance and lip-sync to the song.

This is the kind of thing that would cost thousands in appearance fees to wrangle this talent, right? And yet, they shot and edited it at home. Most of all, they look like they're just having fun. And you know what? It's a really catchy song.

On the same day that her new song “Dear Julien” came out, Justin announced that Scooter Braun's Schoolboy Records had signed Carly, and that a collaboration between the two was very possible. The above photo was snapped when the two met up in the recording studio on February 21st. Carly tweeted the pic and wrote,

In the studio with @justinbieber. Listening to his new stuff and it's blowing my mind!

My first impression of @justinbieber : he is passionate, talented, charming and did I mention talented? He writes hits like its easy. Wow.

I finally got to say thank you in person. Ps @kukharrell @justinbieber and I may have worked on a little song tonight.

Justin responded with a similar teasing hint:

my first impression of @carlyraejepsen – kind, talented, and the real deal. this is going to be fun. welcome to the team.

…and oh yeah…we might have done a little song 🙂

But of course, as with happens when anyone takes Justin's attention away from his fans, Beliebers lashed out at Carly. Some even compared her music to Rebecca Black (ouch!) before Justin intervened on Twitter:

and to my fans. I signed Carly and I am supporting her. I support all my friends and I support you. stop fighting and support EACHOTHER!!

and if you dont know by now this is me then you dont know me at all. #NOMOREDRAMA – DAMN! ENOUGH ALREADY. We are a FAMILY!! #ILOVEMYFANS

Everything's falling into place for Carly Rae! Aspiring musicians should note that her rise indicates the most valuable factor for making it as a young singer: Recommendations from your famous peers.