Carly Rae Jepsen Reveals Her Boyfriend’s Name — Google Him, Maybe

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I have a really good song recommendation for you. It's Call Me Maybe by this little-known Canadian artist named Carly Rae Jepsen. Oh wait, I should've written this post months and months ago, because by now everyone on the planet has heard this song fourteen million times…today. They've also heard Carly say that she has a boyfriend and that he's wonderful, but that she didn't want to reveal his name, I assume because she was nervous about the pressure from the media and the way that would affect her relationship.

Until today! People Magazine is revealing that her super secret boyfriend is Matthew Koma, a fellow musician. They were seen holding hands at an event in New York City recently, and later met up with her parents for dinner, so it's apparently pretty serious.  According to previous remarks that Carly made before we knew who he was, the two have been together for over a year, and she's particularly smitten. In her own words, from an interview earlier this May:

“He makes me laugh every day and not always on purpose, but he's my guy. He's been really amazing and very supportive.”

Sounds sweet, but I'm ready for some dirt on the relationship now. I just found out about it and already I need my next fix. I want to know how these two met. I'm guessing he either called her, maybe, or texted her, maybe? Or even Facebooked her, maybe. If they've been together over a year, they met way before she was famous, so he could have even walked right up to her at a bar and propositioned her, maybe.

(Image: Dominic Chan / WENN.com)