In Honor Of Carey Mulligan’s Birthday, Let’s Take A Look At Other Short-Haired Gals Who Know How To Pull It Off With Pizazz

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Today our lovely little Carey Mulligan turns 27 years old!

Since she became a household name, Mulligan has also become synonymous with one of those actresses who's known for her short hair look. Whether they decide to chop it on their own, or because it's for a movie, for some reason, once an actress cuts off their locks they're all of a sudden deemed badass. Apparently, short hair means you're taking some sort of fashion risk and aren't afraid to go against the mainstream that still thinks women should have long hair.

As someone who's had a pixie cut for a couple years now, I prefer the short hair look. I also think Mulligan, although always adorable, looks even more so when she has her ‘do cropped nice and short. Here are some other actresses who have tried this look, and like Mulligan, looked fabulous in it.