Carey Mulligan Watched The Great Gatsby In Fetal Position, Because Sitting Upright Is So Cliche

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Carey Mulligan Daisy Buchanan The Great Gatsby

You know that thing where you go to a movie theater and sit in a seat and adjust your body's position so that you can perfectly view the movie screen? Well that thing, that horribly mundane thing that you do, is exactly the reason you're not famous. In a recent interview with The Hollywood ReporterCarey Mulligan confesses that she watched The Great Gatsby while curled up in fetal position. And no, before you ask, she didn't view the movie from inside a giant womb. Although that would (obviously) be cool.

“I hate watching myself. I watched it with a couple of friends in a screening room and made them sit seven rows behind me, and I curled up into a ball in the corner,” she tells THR, adding that she found particular pleasure in watching her co-stars on screen.

She claims she's forced to go through this whole acrobatic charade because she doesn't like watching herself on screen, but I claim it's because actors are not like us. Not like us at all. While the scientists at Us Weekly continue to claim otherwise, I just don't buy it. And this type of odd movie viewing behavior only confirms that my suspicions that they're not like us are right on the money. What kind of muggle would invite her friends over to see her new movie — and then proceed to spend the entire movie curled up in the corner pretending that her own performance pains her so…and still have friends after that's over. No muggle. No muggle at all is the answer. You know what would happen if I invited my friends to brunch and then proceeded to spend the entire meal sitting underneath another group's table, refusing to eat? I would have no friends.

I'm nowhere near famous enough to start pulling those kinds of stunts. And I'm guessing you aren't either. So remember that next time you see a celebrity doing something normal like shopping in a store or going to a movie. Odds are very high that they're spending the entire movie doing yoga in the center row — pausing only to break the “no phones” rule by making a few phone calls. Celebrities, they're not like us.

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