Cara Delevingne And Michelle Rodriguez Have Got To Be Trolling Us With These Wedding Plans

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Cara Delevingne and Michelle Rodriguez arriving home in London March 2014Can somebody get on the phone with Cara Delevingne and Michelle Rodriguez and ask them why they're messing with me, please? I don't know what I did to piss them off, but they won't stop trolling me with this budding relationship.

First they were just making out at a basketball game like a couple of college-age BFFs on a bar crawl, then all of a sudden Michelle was giving a statement totally outing her by saying the two of them were together. Which is particularly shady coming from Michelle, who just fully came out six months ago after like…a decade of denials.

But as soon as we thought we knew what was up, and that Cara and Michelle were headed for dating paradise, Michelle's representative came out of the woodwork and was like, “PSYCH! They're not dating at all, Michelle never said that, she never gave that interview LOLOLOLOLOL — the whole shebang.”

And now, as if that wasn't enough of a roller coaster, now I'm reading that there are actual wedding plans afoot. WEDDING PLANS. Two months ago was the first time we saw these two together, and Michelle's rep denied anything was going on just four weeks ago, but a source says Cara is currently planning a secret wedding in Niagara Falls. WHAT IS HAPPENING.

”It's typical of Cara to want to do something crazy and impulsive. But she seems deadly serious. They've talked about what kind of big day they'd have. Cara says she wants them to wed in their own element with no priest or anyone with a religious background.”

Deadly serious? What is that supposed to mean? That makes me semi-nervous, especially because she apparently wants to have part of the ceremony be flying over the falls in a helicopter.

”She thinks flying above Niagara falls would be perfect – like a no man's land.”

And apparently this isn't even the first step that Michelle and Cara have taken toward making things super real and super serious. Allegedly they had a commitment ceremony in Thailand earlier this month, and while it wasn't legally binding,

”It can symbolise anything precious like a bond or an achievement, and shows how much they want to make a commitment to each other.”

Alright ladies, it seems like you're pretty set on this path, and that's fine. That's great. Just bear in mind that it might be a good idea to stop denying you're dating at some point before you're legally and financially bound to each other. Just a thought.

(Photo: Pacific Coast News)