Cara Delevigne Has Claimed Her Next Make Out Victim, And It’s Michelle Rodriguez

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Michelle Rodriguez and Cara Delevigne attending Pistons Knicks basketball game January 2014(Photo: Al Bello / Getty Images Sport)

Fresh off a world tour of Miley Cyrus‘ tongueCara Delevigne has touched down in her second celebrity mouth in as many weeks, this time belonging to Michelle Rodriguez.

Apparently ever since it got its first taste (pun intended) of not only Miley but also the spotlight at Britney Spears‘ show in Las Vegas, Cara's oral cavity has been itching to get back out there and kiss on someone new. It can't eat, it can't sleep, it…can breathe, but only when it really thinks about it. All of its energy has been focused on getting its teeth into another lady, and the more public the make out the better.

So when said lips heard that they, along with Cara, were to be attending a spirited game of basketball between the Detroit Pistons and the New York Knickerbockers, they couldn't stop grinning for hours. Here was an opportunity to sit in the stands of an extremely well-attended sporting event, swilling beer and chattering excitedly into Michelle Rodriguez's mouth.

Which is exactly what they did. A lesser couple might have spent their time watching the game or speculating on the t-shirt cannon or even just sitting quietly like a couple of peons, but this is no normal couple. THIS IS A POWER COUPLE AND THEY DO NOT MISS OPPORTUNITIES. It was too loud for Michelle to talk about her vagina like she likes to do, so they just settled for drinking a ton of beer, smoking e-cigarettes, taking selfies, and making out with each others' faces. You know, as you do at a basketball game when you're an adult and not a college student and the eyes of the nation are trained on you, via the telephoto lenses of the paparazzi and anyone present with an Instagram account.

Michelle Rodriguez and Cara Delevigne kissing at basketball game January 2014(via)

So what will be the next stop on Cara's International Lady Saliva Tour 2K14? Perhaps Rome? Paris? Minneapolis? Amsterdam? The world is her mouth-oyster and she shall not want.