Caption This Photo of Emmys Odd Couple Martin Scorsese and Glee’s Heather Morris

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Sometime before the Emmys telecast, Martin Scorsese and Heather Morris ended up on the red carpet at the same time. She seems to be laughing at a joke the famous director made, or maybe it's because at this angle he looks like a hobbit. We've come up with a few more possibilities for what's going on in this meeting of the minds:

Martin: You've never even heard of Taxi Driver, have you?
Heather: I host an Internet show about fondue!!

Heather: Am I the White Swan and you're the Black Swan?

Martin: You think Modern Family will win anything tonight?
Heather: Yeah right!

Heather: Oh sorry, I thought you were Chris Colfer.

“Myyy preeeeciousss!”