Captain Obvious Reporting For Duty: NASA Says Thriller Apollo 18 Isn’t A Documentary

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Captain Obvious Reporting for Duty  NASA Says Thriller Apollo 18 Isn t a Documentary apollo 18 movie jpgSince the first trailer for Apollo 18 came out, my friends and I have been referring to it as “Paranormal Activity in space.” Meaning, we get that this horror movie is based on “found footage” from a lost space mission, insanity, aliens, blah blah.

Apparently NASA didn’t get the memo.

Bert Ulrich, the organization’s liaison with the film industry, felt it was necessary to do an interview with the L.A. Times to clear up any confusion related to the thriller’s veracity:

Apollo 18 is not a documentary. The film is a work of fiction, and we always knew that. We were minimally involved with this picture. We never even saw a rough cut. …The idea of portraying the Apollo 18 mission as authentic is simply a marketing ploy. Perhaps a bit of a Blair Witch Project strategy to generate hype.”

Ya think?! OK, for a second when I first saw the trailer in theaters, I got excited at the prospect of a real-life story of space insanity or whatnot. Then I realized that if something like that happened, we’d already know about it thanks to Wikileaks. Really, guys. Anyway, with the space program shuttered for now, don’t you think NASA would appreciate any attention and interest in astronauts and manned missions?

But the moon landing in 1969 was still to find the Autobots, right?