We Speak To Candice Accola, Star Of Dating Rules From My Future Self

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Yesterday I had the awesome opportunity to speak with Candice Accola, star of the popular web series Dating Rules from My Future Self, as well as the even more popular CW show, The Vampire Diaries. While I wanted to spend the entire interview quizzing her on Ian Somerhalder's everything, I restrained. I'm a professional blogger, not a savage animal.

(Although she did say she would be very excited for him if he got chosen as Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey).

Also this entire Kristen Stewart/Robert Pattinson cheating stunt has me totally tired of vampires. For now. I'm sure I'll be back into them very shortly. Probably just around the time that The Vampire Diaries starts up in the fall.

And more importantly, I wanted to speak to her about Dating Rules from my Future Self because it's an awesome show that not enough people know about.

Okay, so you know how dating kinda sucks? So do the creators of this show. That's why they dreamed up the concept of a phone that would text you advice from the future. I know, I know, we all wish. Maybe on the iPhone 5.

(Also, complete sidenote, I wish Hannah Horvath had access to this technology on Girls. It might help her clear a few things up. Like when's she being heinous and she's dating a heinous person.)

Last season Shiri Appleby played Lucy, a confused woman who relies on her future texts to help her figure all her ish out. Now Candice Accola steps into a similar role as Chloe Cunningham, someone who's looking for love — possibly in the wrong places.

Since she's a beautiful Hollywood star, I asked her what drew her to project. Surely, she's had no trouble finding dates. Wrong.

She says, “Upon reading the project, I just realized it’s funny how things work out. I just got an apartment in Venice Beach ,right around the corner from my girlfriends and have been having awesome patio dinners all summer where we talk about love, life and dating — and the trials and tribulations of it all. And this project popped up about a 26-year-old living in Venice.”

Talk about kismet. She goes onto add that her character is making her mistakes and learning from them. Something every 26-year-old should be doing, but probably isn't. Chloe serves as an exemplary character to all women out there. It's okay to mess up, just learn from it and don't do it again.

Which brought me to my next question. What would she tell her younger self now?

Stop looking at your cell phone, if he’s not texting you , its okay, just go back to having a fun time with your girlfriends If he’s not opening door, if he’s showing up late to dinners, those are all bad things and you shouldn’t have to make excuse. If you’re not laughing and it’s not fun, it’s okay to walk away

Three simple rules that I could/should (should I?) send to almost all my friends. Especially the cell phone. Put it away. Or stop complaining when you spill your vodka-soda all over it!

Finally, she adds that the worst dating advice she ever got, that she would never give anyone is to wait for someone to make the first move.

 Don’t make the first move, that is terrible advice. Not saying every time you see a cute guy you should say, “hey, here’s my number.” I think you can approach someone if you like them, I don’t think it’s wrong to make the first move.

Valid. Very valid. Be bold, be aggressive, don't be a psycho.You should apply that to every aspect of your entire life.

So with no further ado, I proudly present Candice Accola in the season premiere of Dating Rules From My Future Self.