Candice Accola Gives Horror-Movie Dating Advice To Jennifer Lawrence’s Character In House At The End Of The Street

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You probably know Candice Accola from playing mean-girl-turned-vampire Caroline on The Vampire Diaries, but she's also the star of the new season of Dating Rules From My Future Self. (Check out our interview with Candice and watch the first episode here!) This unique combination of experience in the horror and dating realms makes her the expert on the upcoming thriller House at the End of the Street.

We've been writing about the movie lately, since it stars The Hunger GamesJennifer Lawrence as Elissa, who with her mom (Elisabeth Shue) moves in next door to the withdrawn and brooding Ryan (Max Thieriot). Elissa is immediately drawn to Ryan because his sister murdered their parents but left him to live (she has the whole “I can save him” thing going on). How can you stay away from a boy with that kind of mystery?

We love Candice's advice on dating, like how you have to be ready for the freak flag to come out on the third date. In House at the End of the Street, it's probably something to do with the fact that Ryan lives in that house all alone, yet there are all these noises and secret passages, and mysterious things happening. Don't miss Candice's other pieces of advice in the video above, and check out the trailer below!

House at the End of the Street comes out September 21st.

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