New Candace Cameron Quotes Proves She’s Still Confusing Her Husband With A Benevolent Dictator

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dj tanner steve full house good hands quoteSo I rarely do this kinda thing on Crushable, but if you have any extra pity to spare today, please send it to Candace Cameron. Girl's all kinds of confused about what makes a good marriage and she can really use any extra pity you can send her way. Also a map to 2014. She's seem to have lost her's and is currently stuck somewhere in the 1700s. Which, I'll admit, is lovely this time of year, but a horrid place to be lost in forever. Mostly because the WiFi's real weak.

According to my dear friends at HaveuHeard, she went on The View today to talk about her book and to clear up a few misconceptions about her marriage. Apparently people had gotten the wrong idea about her relationship with her husband, Val Bure. When she said she was submissive, she didn't mean that she didn't have the final say in what happens in her marriage. She just meant that she didn't have the final final say.

When asked if she ever wins an argument, Cameron said, ‘It’s not winning or losing.’ She will provide her input and her husband makes the decision. If it doesn’t turn out the way he anticipated, Cameron said, ‘he will listen to me more next time.’

At first I was like, that's messed up girl! And then I was like, oh wait I'm a total dum-dum idiot with a head full of baloney. Because, get this, I totally forgot that she has a vagina and her husband has a penis. I know, I know, I'm very embarrassed. Everyone who got a passing grade in 9th grade biology knows that when it comes to making decisions on the behalf of the family the wife gets a vote, the husband gets a vote, and the penis gets the tiebreaking vote. After remembering that basic fact, I reread what she had to say and it made so much more sense. Cam's in great hands!

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